6 Week Clean-up Shape-up: Week 4 Recap

Hello my friends! Checking in here with current updates of my 6 Week Clean-up Shape-up progress. Going strong on 4 weeks now!


Breakfasts were seitan sandwiches througout the whole week. A double serving of seitan on sliced whole wheat bread with hummus and tomatoes on the weekend. I started putting canned coconut milk into my coffee and it is the bomb dot com. I love ANYTHING coconut!

Seitan Sandwich

And during the week days, an egg + seitan slices + homemade english muffin + hot sauce. I live for breakfast. And coffee.

Breakfast Sandwich


Lunches = Leftovers from previous nights’ dinners. Last Friday night was Dinner Club at our place and I totally blanked and forgot to take photos but on the menu were Banh Mi sandwiches (lemongrass braised tofu for me, five spice chicken for everyone else), mango salad and skillet corn. I ate the mango salad and braised tofu over some brown rice the next day for lunch.

Leftover tofu

I made a big crockpot of soup on Sunday night with a bunch of vegetable ends I had in the fridge. It has all the good stuff: onion, green onion, carrots, cabbage, kale stems, jalapeno, garlic, navy beans, quinoa. TBH it’s really nutritious but it lacks seasoning/spice/flavour?! Maybe I should have added more spices or something.

A circle themed lunch.


Steamed sweet potatoes and kale + marinated tofu cubes.


More lemongrass tofu + brown rice + steamed broccoli.

Tofu Broccoli


Oodles of Zoodles.


Zoodles with TVP bolognese and cashew cheeze.

TVP = Textured Vegetable Protein (soy protein)

Cashew Cheeze = Cashews + nutritional yeast + salt (a vegan alternative to parmesan)

It’s a favourite in our home, and Dennis’ number one vegan meal in his books.

Zoodle Bolognese


Same snackage as previous weeks. Lots of bananas, navel oranges, cashews, vegan brownie balls, my special popcorn

Here’s a weird one for you – english muffin with PB + tomato slices + chia seeds. I dunno, I discovered the PB + tomato combo in high school and it’s so good, albeit weird. So sue me. 



I can feel myself getting stronger each week in my workouts but in terms of weight, I’ve started to plateau. I weighed in at 119.2 lbs at the end of my 4 weeks which means I’m still on a downward trend, just at a much slower rate than in the first weeks.


Week-to-week progress photos below. I left out Week 2 because it has such bad lighting. I saw and felt the biggest difference at the end of Week 3, and I’m hoping that if I keep up the consistent exercise and food logging that I’ll continue to see progress beyond the 6 weeks.

PicMonkey Collage


Well that’s all for now, Ciao!

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6 Week Clean-up Shape-up: Week 3 Recap

Thank God It’s Almost Friday! I hope everyone’s week has been fantastico so far. I can’t complain about mine. It’s all been pretty good with perhaps the exception of everyone at the office being sick. I’m doing everything I can to keep the germs away from me!

So I’m officially halfway through my 6 Week Clean-up Shape up program. 3 weeks in and I’m happy so far with how I feel, my progress and proud of myself for continuing to stick with it.

Here’s the DL on the past week…


I made a seitan log (wheat meat, gluten sausage, whatever you wanna call it) and have been adding slices to my breakfasts. It’s almost pure protein so it really helps me reach my daily protein needs. Here it was served on a homemade tortilla with roasted red pepper hummus (also homemade!), avocado and tomato slices.

Seitan Wrap

In an effort to cut more processed food out of my diet, I took the time to make a batch of whole wheat english muffins, and they turned out tasty. I’ve also switched from carton egg whites to a whole egg on my breakfast sandwiches.

Homemade english muffin


Leftovers as usual. Steamed sweet potato cubes, black beans and corn with green salsa and nutritional yeast.

Leftover lunch

Sweet potato, pinto beans, corn, avocado, fried egg, salsa + hot sauce. This lunch on repeat. So yummy and filling! I didn’t have them on this particular day but add some chopped tomatoes and a squeeze of lime juice, and this lunch is seriously perfection. 

Taco Bowl (2)

I made slow cooker split mapte beans using this recipe (with a few substitutions) and ate it throughout the week, paired with different grains and vegetables. And fried eggs. Can you tell that fried eggs were a reoccuring theme this week? #putaneggonit

Split Mapte Beans

It sorta kinda definitely looks like slop but it tastes good, s’all I care about!



My dinners looked the same as my lunches. I really enjoyed my vegan taco. I use that term loosely – it was more like a wrap wannabe taco. A homemade flour tortilla + hummus + shredded lettuce + avocado + black beans + tomato + salsa.


Plus all the fillings inside a bowl minus the tortilla. Also known as a salad.

Taco salad

On Saturday we had dinner at Dennis’ parents place, celebrating his Aunt’s birthday. It was Korean catered food. There was A LOT. And I ate A LOT. I wish I took some pictures because it was an epic spread but I forgot my camera at home. 


Rice cakes + PB are back!


I’ve also been snacking on bananas, oranges, cashews, those “brownie bite” balls, my special popcorn and this…..

Fixed myself a nice chocolate salad ✌

A photo posted by Alice (@alicejhk) on

…isn’t it beautiful? My favourite kind of salad.


Krishi and I have been going strong with our 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. I took one rest day this week. I’m noticing an increase in my strength and stamina during my workouts which is a sure sign that the hard work is paying off. 


At the 3 week mark, I weighed in at 119.6 lbs. I’m halfway there! It’s been slow but I’m finally starting to see minor physical changes.

Week 3 Progress

Here is a side-by-side of Day 1 vs. now. I found a better lit spot this week for the photo. Only took me 3 weeks to figure out haha.

Week 3 Progress 1

Ok, see you guys next week!

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